We are so excited to bring you Manbox! This exciting gift for Men has been on the drawing board for over 5 years. We had a very successful launch in June (just in time for Father's Day). As things always seem to go into the IT world we are still waiting to go live with our official site. But we thought we would introduce you, right here on our very own web page. Our creative team worked hard on this one, and it is one of Many exciting brands coming your way.

So what is Manbox. Well it is a Canadian hand crafted high quality crate filled with a bunch of goodies for Men. Our line right now ranges from beer crates, jerky crates, new daddy gifts, dog lover gifts, spa items, healthy lifestyle gifts and more. But there is more to it! This AWESOME gift come nailed down, with a pry bar to open! Look for more exciting crates coming Spring 2017!

So your 'manly' man better roll up his sleeves to get down and dirty for this one.

What's in your Manbox?