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A Lavish Gourmet Gift Basket, filled with an generous amount of salty, sweet, and charcuterie food items to brighten your recipients day!

We pulled out all the stops on this Gourmet Gift Basket, and not one item was missed. Designed to please everyone on your list, and with a Charcuterie Board in mind.

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The Gourmet Snacker Gourmet Gift Basket includes red pepper jelly, Nutty Peanut Brittle, Asiago & Artichoke Bread Dipper, Cherry Almond Cheese Toast, Porcini & Thyme Chocolate Bar, Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon, Smoked Salmon Pate, Crab Pate, Cedar Gift Box Salmon Pate, Infused White Truffle Oil, Pinot Grigio Salami, Cartwright & Butler Whole Grain Mustard, Rose Salami, 5 Piece Rosewood Cheese Knife Set, Cranberry Almond Brie Topping, Cranberry Orange Brie Brule Topper, Salt & Pepper Cashews, Merlot Cheddar Cheese Spread, Danish Brie Cheese, Sesame Water Crackers, Honey Dijon Kettle Chips, Salt & Pepper Cashews, Milk Chocolate Almond Bark, Candied Jalapenos, and Paprika Chili Mixed Olives.

A truly Gourmet Food Gift Basket for those that have an appreciation for the finer things.

Gift Includes:

  • Extra Large Willow Gift Basket
  • Red Pepper Jelly
  • Autumn's Sugar Shack Nutty Brittle
  • Wildly Delicious Bread Dipper (Artichoke & Asiago)
  • Fine Cheese CO Cherry Almond Toast for Cheese
  • Eclat Chocolatier Artisan Porcini & Thyme Chocolate Bar
  • Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon   
  • Smoked Salmon Pate
  • Crab Pate
  • Cedar Box Smoked Salmon Pate
  • Infused White Truffle Oil
  • Walnut, Honey & Extra Virgin Oil Crackers
  • Pinot Grigio Salami
  • Cartwright & Butler Wholegrain Mustard
  • Rose Salami
  • 5 Piece Rosewood Cheese Knife Set
  • Cranberry Almond Brie Topping
  • Cranberry Orange Brie Brule
  • Salt & Pepper Cashews
  • Mille Lacs Merlot Cheddar Cheese Spread
  • Danish Brie Cheese
  • Sesame Water Crackers
  • Honey Dijon Kettle Chips
  • Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips
  • Donini Milk Chocolate Almond Bark
  • Silver & Green Paprika Chilli Mixed Olives (Pitted)
  • Candied Jalapenos
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Gourmet Snacker

Ma famille a été impressionnée par la quantité et la qualité des produits ainsi que par la présentation. La livraison a été retardée d'une journée mais considérant le temps des Fêtes et la pandémie, ça s'explique. Merci!
Posted by Claire Mazuhelli, 2021 Dec 25th